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Upgrade your whole life with the Hermetic Academy!

Unlock your True Potential with Our Powerful Personal Development Tools.

  • Are you striving to navigate through the challenges of this ever-evolving era, keeping pace with the relentless changes shaping our world? Do you firmly believe that humans possess untapped potential, waiting to be unleashed?

  • Is there a burning desire within you to uncover and fulfill your genuine purpose in life? If you are on a quest for holistic growth, aspiring to thrive both spiritually and materially, the Hermetic Academy is your gateway to transformation.

  • We understand that the journey to discovering your true self is complex, and traditional paths like science, religion, and psychology may not have provided all the answers you seek. Entrust your valuable life journey to skilled guides – discover expert-led spiritual education with us.

  • That’s where we come in. The Hermetic Academy is dedicated to guiding you through a profound journey of self-realization, providing you with potent tools and teachings that have been safeguarded and honed over millennia. Your path to understanding your unique mission as a human being starts here. Join us, and unlock the secrets to your fullest potential!

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Experience a wealth that transcends the material!

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A universal treasure map that truly leads the way to the goal. Step by step, level by level. Thank you very much
Björn Gach
Dear Hermetic Team… The longing for inner and outer peace encouraged me to enroll in the basic course of Hermetic studies at your academy. Now, at the end of this basic course, I am happy to report that I have already succeeded in looking at my life from changed perspectives, putting misunderstandings into perspective, and recognizing suppressed sources of recurring conflict.

I expected to have to make course corrections to my previous spiritual outlook, to pour out the teacup, and I was/am ready to do so. Surprisingly, I have perceived this process so far rather as if I was educated to look at this “tea” properly first, to take the time to taste it, and to take a conscious sip, to perceive it in my inner being and to let it take effect before I (once again) pour it away to make room for something new…. So I thank you, for the previous accompaniment in the basic course and look forward to the further courses. With kind regards…

Renate Fuchs

Once I discovered The Hermetic Academy I never looked back…

After a few years of looking at various esoteric training systems, once I discovered The Hermetic Academy I never looked back. The experience has been (and continues to be) life-changing. The lessons are easy to understand, and the exercises are simple, but highly effective for personal change. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to make the most of themselves and take control of their life.

testimonial-ebEthan Bartlett
Inner calm and strength…

Hermetic Academy has given me inner calm and the strength to use my own mind to make good decisions. I have found the answers to questions for which I had long given up the search. There is truly not an area of my life that has not been changed through these teachings.

testimonial-ebShelley Bartlett

Clarities arose that I never dared to dream of.

Through the Hermetic Academy I have received answers to the basic questions of life in theory and in my own life practice, connections between microcosm and macrocosm and mystical insights. For this I am very grateful and encourage everyone who feels the call within him to dare the small step into the Hermetic Academy, which in reality is a big one.

students-JMJosef Missethon
One day my soul began to awaken and thirst for wisdom and light.

After several years of inexhaustible search among books, lectures, various studies and esoteric disciplines, etc., I came to the blessed realization that I needed only one true mystery school. Fortune has brought me into the necessary circumstances to arrive at the Hermetic Academy.
To anyone reading this, I inform you that you are also most fortunate to come to this true mystery school. I wish you the necessary discipline, strength and love to fully realize/manifest the desire that brought you here and now to read these words. Inexhaustible wonders, unimaginable experiences of light, sailing in a sea of eternal wisdom, is what awaits the persevering student of the Hermetic Academy.

My gratitude to the pillars of the Hermetic Academy is as great as that of a soul grateful for having been given life, the life of its spirit,

Sofia Cruz Rocha

Sofia Cruz Rocha
In a world where the sea of almost unlimited information has become a problem, the Hermetic Academy represents for me a lighthouse for navigation.
Dirk T.
After five months, I can already say that the Hermetic Academy has helped me to become more self-reliant in various areas of my life. I look forward to another lesson every week.
Markus Wolff
A world of deep, lasting inner peace…

Hermetic Academy and the training, teaching, and practice it provides has opened up a world of deep, lasting inner peace, self-discovery, hope, courage, and a capacity to give and receive love in a true and beautiful way. I am and will be forever grateful for its presence in my life. I would advise any person struggling with the serious existential questions of life, the nature of suffering, and your true purpose to step through the door and begin studying these principle.

testimonial-cbCaleb Bartlett

Online Live Video Retreats

Monthly live online video retreat with Elias Rubenstein or the Hermetic Team exclusively for Hermetic Academy students.

  • Answers to your life’s questions.

  • Exciting impulse lectures.
  • Hermetics Live & Suitable for Everyday Life.

Skip the fluff. Choose trusted, timeless wisdom for your soul.

Discover 8 captivating introductory courses designed for immediate application in your daily life!

We believe that you will be very interested to know more about the courses of the Hermetic Academy, because among our students are many people who want to realise themselves.

Are you someone who has always sought a deeper understanding of the world around you? If you find yourself constantly in pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, it may be time to consider the journey to a genuine Mystery School. Throughout history, such institutions have served as the spiritual heart of ancient civilizations, guiding individuals toward enlightenment. The Hermetic Academy stands as a modern continuation of this venerable tradition. Our online training programs provide you with access to authentic esoteric tools and teachings, knowledge that was once reserved exclusively for a select group of initiates. Join us, and unlock the secrets of the ages from the comfort of your own home.

Self-knowledge is the key to the mastery of life.

Since my youth, the question of what meaning life can have in view of its inevitable finiteness (death) has been agonizingly preoccupying me. The Western Mystery Tradition of the Hermetic Academy gives me daily through theory and practice the ever deeper self-knowledge of what holds the world together at its core.

students-AWAlexander Wolf
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Hermetic Academy,
As well as possible, persistently, and perseveringly I have now practiced and continue to practice the miracles of Hermetics. Life has already changed fundamentally. Understanding and perceiving and observing cause and effect offers tremendous power. Life as a meditation is making appearances and illusions crumble.
I continue to practice and constant dripping wears away the stone.
Monika Rosenstatter
For years I have been on a spiritual quest to find the right path.

The Hermetic Laws of the Kybalion have fascinated me and I studied these teachings for several years. Again and again a new door of light opened. However, I did not get any further. Only when I registered at the Hermetic Academy and accepted the commandment of perseverance, I realize already in the basic course, after 6 lessons how important it is to build a solid foundation. I will persevere, one lesson after another, on the Hermetic Path, without rushing. I can feel and only recommend the knowledge and mysteries of this great academy. Thank God for this knowledge and the chance to have received the privilege to study at the Hermetic Academy.

Thomas Gerstner
Dear Hermetic Team… I want to take time to thank you very much for everything you do and provide! Through you, the life in me and how it externalizes itself is finding a designation. The perceptions and emotions given to me find a formulation, whereby piece by piece order returns. It is like a perfectly interlocking cogwheel, in all the movements that take place from the first day of study. Thank you also for the references to perseverance and any help on a higher level! In the 3rd chapter of Jeremiah it read, “Confess your iniquity before me, because I want to give you shepherds according to my heart who will feed you according to doctrine and wisdom. Then you can say Dear Father“. This bassically it summarizes my thoughts. The Hermetic Academy in its essence is according to his heart. Through you I can be confident again, and thank our God daily that at all times, as in the here and now, there are masters who lead us back to unity. God bless you!
In deep gratitude, warm greetings,
Jasmin Biedenbach

8 powerful in-depth courses that reveal your life plan

Once you have completed the 8 exciting basic courses, we will give you access to a rich treasure of the Hermetic tradition.

1. Mighty Symbols of Hermeticism

2. Master Keys of the Kabbalah

3. Hermetic Astrology

4. Alchemy – Transmutation of Lead to Gold

5. Martinism – the Journey of the Heart

6. The Mystery of the Rosicrucians

7. Hermetic Words of Power

8. Transformation of the Creative Power

9. Awakening the Serpent Power

10. Build your Higher Vehicle with Kabbalistic Mantras

11. Mighty Symbols of Kabbalah (Connect with Higher Worlds)

Discover the key to personal transformation at the Hermetic Academy – see the difference for yourself!

While fleeting spiritual trends, weekend workshops, self-help books, therapies, religious practices, and New Age healing promises flood the market, the Hermetic Academy stands out with its deep, proven guidance for a lifelong journey of self-development. No challenge is too great; our time-tested tools are designed to help you master your life’s circumstances.

Trusted by thousands, the Hermetic Academy’s potent resources have demonstrated their effectiveness time and time again. Our online courses offer clear, contemporary language to guide you through both theory and practice, empowering you to discover truth, freedom, and fulfillment on your own terms.

From every corner of the globe, students are drawn to our immersive retreats and online programs, all seeking inspiration and transformation. Join the Hermetic Academy community and start your journey today!

  • Live Online Retreat monthly

  • Transformational Telegram Booster weekly

  • One compact lesson weekly
  • Lifelike contents
  • $ 25 / month
  • 24h/7 days a week: at your own pace
A fundamental change in life.

Since my time at the Hermetic Academy, my life has changed fundamentally. I no longer feel at the mercy of life’s circumstances, but have learned through the courses to actively change them for the better.

students-AHAngelika Hoffman
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

On the one hand, for the valuable content that helps me on the path of self-realization, self-knowledge, and self-transformation. On the other hand, also thank you for the hard work that has to be put in the to weekly lessons. My thanks to the whole organization that is in this school. and that we as students are allowed to take advantage of it. Thank you to Dr. Rubenstein, and to the Hermetic team. To every true seeker, I recommend this school.

Renate Karle

Access to Exclusive Knowledge:

Subscribers get access to the guarded wisdom of ancient Mystery Schools, which has been traditionally reserved for the few.

Chance is merely a term for laws not yet recognized.

You might believe stumbling upon the Hermetic Academy’s website was a mere twist of fate. However, we, armed with deep knowledge and insight, affirm that nothing happens by chance. Your entire life, with its vast array of challenges and quests, has been a journey of searching and seeking. When a soul reaches a certain stage of evolution, it finds itself guided to the doorstep of a true Mystery School – and that’s where the Hermetic Academy comes in.

For millennia, the profound teachings of Hermeticism were closely guarded, transmitted covertly from teacher to student. Yet, in this new millennium, we’ve been granted the privilege to unveil these secrets to a broader audience. The tools and teachings of Hermeticism are immensely powerful, and as you stand at the entrance of the Hermetic Academy, know that you are among the chosen few, called upon to wield these potent tools with wisdom and discernment.

You’ve discovered the Hermetic Academy – a sanctuary of ancient wisdom in the modern world. Now, the choice is yours: will you take the next bold step on your spiritual journey? The doors are open; the path lies ahead.

Who is the ideal candidate for the Hermetic Academy?

  • Individuals Seeking Personal Development: If you’re on a quest to unlock your full potential and elevate every facet of your character, the Hermetic Academy provides the tools and teachings you need.
  • Those on a Quest for Life’s Meaning: Are you pondering the grand purpose of existence? We offer insights and guidance to help you uncover the profound meaning of life.
  • Seekers of Fundamental Answers: For those who delve into life’s big questions and seek verifiable truths, our teachings provide clarity and direction.
  • Individuals Decoding the Plan of Life: Understand the intricate design of life and discover how to navigate it with wisdom and purpose.
  • Anyone Eager to Understand their Life’s Circumstances: If you’re looking to unravel the causes behind your current life situation, we offer the perspectives and tools to help you do just that.
  • Those Expanding Their Spiritual Consciousness: Broaden your spiritual horizon and foster a deeper, more enriched way of thinking with our comprehensive teachings.
  • Individuals Aiming to Realize Their Potential: Unlock your innermost capabilities and step into the fullest expression of yourself.
  • Explorers of Hidden Mystical Knowledge: Dive into the concealed treasures of ancient wisdom and uncover the secrets held within the mysteries.

At the Hermetic Academy, we welcome all who are ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Join us, and transform your life from the inside out!

Eligibility Requirements

Minimum age of 18 years

A commitment to human dignity, freedom and empowerment

You will need a web-enabled PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

You do not need any previous knowledge to study at the Hermetic Academy.

Recognizing the meaning of life – and also realizing it.

Almost everyone knows this feeling of looking into the night sky and asking the question of meaning in the face of the limitless sea of stars above us. The Hermetic Academy has not only helped me to recognize the meaning of life, but to realize it a little more every day.

students-MLMark L.

How does the Hermetic Academy work?

I still read the weekly lesson with fascination.

A few years ago I came to the Hermetic Academy out of pure curiosity. Looking back, the changes I experienced during this time were enormous. I can recommend the academy to anyone who wants to develop further in life.

students-AWMartin Rosner

Stop searching and start discovering. Unlock the secrets of a true Mystery School.

Transform your life now – embrace the journey to enlightenment and beyond.
Now, not later – embrace the power of the present for your spiritual awakening!

Features of the Hermetic Academy

Lesson Notes

The Lesson Notes feature allows you to capture your inspirations and write them down as personal notes. You can save these notes for future reference.

Read Aloud Assistant (Upgrade)

Don’t feel like reading or are on the move and can’t read? Then activate Hermetic Voice and have our lessons read aloud to you.

Fit for all end devices

Whether on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, our website adapts to your device.


“Knowledge is power” (Francis Bacon)

To disseminate their profound insights, Mystery Schools have consistently utilized the most advanced communication mediums of their times.

In the past, the mentors within these Mystery Schools would share their clandestine knowledge exclusively through oral transmission, a method that necessitated an extensive period for the dissemination of teachings. Transcribing scriptures was an incredibly labor-intensive process, and replicating books was both time-consuming and costly. The advent of Gutenberg’s printing press marked a significant turning point, enabling the custodians of Ageless Wisdom to broaden their reach and share their teachings with a larger audience.

Fast forward to the present day, we are now in the digital age, and the Internet has emerged as the predominant medium for information exchange. This evolution in communication technology has allowed us to extend the teachings of Ageless Wisdom to individuals across the globe, making these invaluable lessons more accessible than ever before. Ageless Wisdom, with its eternal and unchanging nature, remains a constant through the ages. However, the methods used to convey these teachings have evolved, adapting to the modern era’s technological advancements. Today, accessing these profound teachings is easier and quicker than ever before, presenting a unique opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

The choice is now yours: will you seize this moment, joining the thousands who have already embraced the opportunity to learn and transform? The Hermetic Academy invites you to step into a world of wisdom and discovery.

What essential information should you have about the Hermetic Academy?

The Hermetic Academy stands tall with a mission to illuminate the world through top-tier spiritual education, striving to unleash the boundless potential within individuals and nurture their inner greatness. Founded under the visionary leadership of Dr. Elias Rubenstein and his devoted team of Hermetic experts, the Academy is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of ageless wisdom.

At the heart of the Hermetic Academy are three fundamental pillars: Study, Meditation, and Ritual. These are the tools that the Academy bestows upon you, each uniquely powerful and transformative. The term “Hermeticism” draws its inspiration from Hermes, a figure from Greek mythology who bridges the realms of spirit and matter. Hermeticism offers a holistic and integrated worldview, standing as a beacon of wisdom for thousands of years. Within this rich tradition, the Hermetic Academy safeguards and shares tools that have stood the test of time, aiding humanity’s spiritual journey.

The essentials of Hermetic teachings are elucidated in the Hermetics Blog, providing clear insights and guidance. Knowledge of oneself is a key that unlocks the ability to navigate and respond to life’s intricacies with wisdom and clarity.

Our extensive range of online courses is designed to be universally accessible, available in English, German, and Spanish. The overarching goal of the Hermetic Academy is to bring the most effective, time-honored techniques of personal growth and spiritual self-awareness into the contemporary world, utilizing the most modern methods of delivery.

You now find yourself at a threshold of wisdom, with the deepest secrets of existence ready to be unveiled to you, should you choose to embrace them.

“As above, so below; as below, so above. (2nd Hermetic Principle, The Kybalion)

Embark on this transformative journey with the Hermetic Academy, and step into a world of profound wisdom and discovery.

Hermetic Academy powered by Hermetic World.

The Hermetic Academy is what I’ve always been looking for.

An examination of the meaning of life, of my desires, hopes and longings – a space that gives me the opportunity to unfold freely.

students-AWUlrike H.

The Hermetic Academy in Numbers

Facebook Fans

What’s Science saying?


  • has a positive impact on physical and mental health.
  • leads to happiness.
  • leads to a longer life.
  • Is associated with worthwhile goals.


  • can improve mental and social health.
  • encourages the development of human virtues such as honesty, courage, trustworthiness, altruism, generosity, forgiveness, self-discipline, patience, humility and other qualities that enhance social relationships.
  • provides an opportunity to explore identity and self-understanding in relation to religion and ideology.
  • is the quest for the rediscovery of dignity, interconnectedness and interconnectedness, inclusive healing and an ethic of inclusive love.
  • is related to psychological well-being and emotional stability.


  • has a healing effect.
  • strengthens resistance.
  • increases alertness.
  • reduces anxiety.
  • reduces stress.
  • has a positive effect on social skills.


  • affects our emotional attitudes in the same way as experience.
  • has the power to shape reality.
Hermetic Brain Science

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How flexible is the study schedule at the Hermetic Academy?2023-11-09T19:10:17+01:00

You can study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. Time commitment is based on your preference, and you can pause and resume the course as needed.

Courses are online with optional events for student interaction, and support is available for queries.2023-11-09T19:10:47+01:00

You can freely allocate your time for this. The lessons are online and can be studied from anywhere in the world at any time (distance learning, e-learning). You can invest a few minutes or hours per week. It depends solely on you and your interest as well as commitment. You can also pause the course; once the lessons have been unlocked, you can go back and re-read them as often as you want.

What are the requirements to join the Hermetic Academy?2023-11-09T18:05:52+01:00

Membership requires being over 18 and valuing human dignity and freedom. No special knowledge is needed. You’ll need a device with internet access for online lessons.

What Does Science Say About Personal Development Practices?2023-11-09T18:05:47+01:00

Science shows that finding meaning and engaging in spirituality, meditation, and imagination positively impacts mental and physical health, enhances social and emotional well-being, and fosters personal resilience and happiness.

Why choose the Hermetic Academy for personal transformation?2023-11-09T18:05:44+01:00

The Hermetic Academy offers deep, time-tested guidance for lifelong self-development, standing out amidst fleeting spiritual trends. With resources proven effective by thousands, our courses blend theory and practice in clear language, empowering personal discovery of truth, freedom, and fulfillment.

Who is the Hermetic Academy for?2023-11-09T18:05:39+01:00

It’s suited for those seeking personal and spiritual growth, understanding life’s deeper meanings, and realizing their full potential through ancient mystical knowledge

What are the benefits of joining the Hermetic Academy?2023-11-09T18:05:35+01:00

Gain spiritual and personal growth through a blend of ancient wisdom and modern insights, with guidance to unlock your potential and fulfill your life’s purpose.

Can I easily pause or end my studies at the Hermetic Academy?2023-11-09T18:05:31+01:00

You can pause or cancel your studies anytime with a simple click in the member area, offering flexibility.

What does the Hermetic Academy’s monthly Live Online Webinar involve?2024-06-01T15:42:09+02:00

The Monthly Webinar (Study-Group) is a live online event, with Q&A and lectures, focusing on practical, everyday applications of Hermetic Wisdom.

Is it possible to take notes during the lessons?2024-01-17T05:11:04+01:00

Yes, with the Lesson Notes feature, you can record your inspirations and thoughts as personal notes and save them for future reference.

Does the Hermetic Academy offer an upgraded feature for reading lessons aloud?2024-04-26T08:38:56+02:00

Yes, the Hermetic Academy provides a ‘Read Aloud Assistant’ (Hermetic Voice) for users who prefer audio, allowing lessons to be listened to instead of read. We offer an upgraded feature for reading lessons aloud!

How Much Does the Monthly Membership Cost?2024-04-01T12:13:23+02:00

The Hermetic Academy’s Monthly Study Plan is structured as a subscription service with these specifics:

  • Subscription Fee: The monthly price for this subscription is set at $34.95.
  • Coverage of Subscription: This fee includes access to a variety of features such as weekly compact lessons, monthly live online retreats, and a Weekly Transformation Telegram Booster.
  • Content Access: Subscribers benefit from engaging, lifelike content that is available 24/7, allowing for flexible learning at any pace.
  • Subscription Flexibility: The subscription model offers the convenience of pausing or canceling at any time with ease within the member area.
Is the art of manifestation included in the curriculum?2024-01-22T10:19:15+01:00

In the foundational “Wonders of Hermeticism” course, the emphasis is on learning the theory and practice of manifestation, including the application of Hermetic principles to achieve practical results. This course equips students with the knowledge to apply the Law of Attraction effectively, guiding them through the process of turning intentions into reality.

Is meditation a skill I can develop through these teachings?2024-01-22T10:18:12+01:00

Yes, our teachings offer detailed guidance on meditation practices to enhance self-awareness and foster a peaceful mind, key for spiritual growth. Additionally, we provide live online guided group meditations, allowing for a more interactive and supportive learning experience in developing your meditation skills.

How does the 14-day free trial work?2024-06-01T15:36:16+02:00

The 14-day free trial at the Hermetic Academy allows new members to explore a variety of courses and teachings at no initial cost. Access during the trial includes weekly lessons and the possibility to participate in monthly online Webinar (Study Group) and guided meditations, if these events occur during the trial period.

What is the cancellation policy after the free trial?2024-02-16T12:05:14+01:00

Embrace the opportunity to explore the transformative teachings of the Hermetic Academy risk-free with our 14-day free trial. Discover at your own pace, and should you find it’s not the right fit, you can easily cancel within the trial period through the member area, no questions asked. If you are not satisfied, you can terminate your studies with a single click without incurring any further costs.

Can I choose which course to study at the Hermetic Academy?2024-02-16T12:01:22+01:00

The courses at the Hermetic Academy are carefully structured and build upon each other to provide a sequential learning experience. Additionally, the academy offers monthly retreats that cover a broader range of topics.

Are there events that I can participate in?2024-02-16T12:05:54+01:00

Yes, the Hermetic Academy offers online events, including a monthly retreat led by Dr. Elias Rubenstein, as well as guided online meditations for members. These events are designed to deepen your understanding and practice within the Hermetic tradition.

Do I need to pass exams at the end of the courses in order to continue studying?2024-02-16T12:06:09+01:00

You have the freedom to study at your own pace. There are no mandatory exams, and the lessons are automatically unlocked as you progress.

What materials or resources will I need?2024-02-16T12:06:16+01:00

Basic internet access is required; additional materials, if needed, are specified within course descriptions.

What are the prerequisites for joining the Hermetic Academy?2024-02-16T12:04:52+01:00

To join the Hermetic Academy, you need to be over 18, open to learning, and have internet access, with no prior knowledge required, ensuring a welcoming environment for all seeking personal and spiritual growth.

Does the Hermetic Academy provide initiation rites?2024-02-18T05:16:17+01:00

Absolutely, the Hermetic Academy offers initiation rites as a core component of its comprehensive spiritual curriculum. These rituals are designed to promote the personal spiritual transformation and growth of the participants. What’s unique is that the Academy blends time-honored traditions with cutting-edge technology to additionally offer online initiations, ensuring that participants can have a true ritual experience regardless of distance.

What does the Hermetic Academy subscription cost after the free trial?2024-04-01T17:31:39+02:00

After the free trial, the subscription to the Hermetic Academy costs $34.95 monthly, and you can cancel anytime.

What is the Hermetic Academy?2024-04-17T11:12:27+02:00

The Hermetic Academy is an online scholastic portal providing structured explorations in Hermetic philosophy and esoteric disciplines, designed for the nurturing of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

How does the Hermetic Academy instruct its students?2024-04-17T11:11:59+02:00

Instruction at the Academy is conveyed online through a synthesis of written materials, video presentations, and live interactive sessions, concentrating on rites of initiation and transformational spiritual exercises.

What distinguishes the Hermetic Academy?2024-04-17T11:54:27+02:00

This institution melds the venerable traditions of esoterica with the advances of modern technology, forging a conduit between the ancient and the contemporary in spiritual methodologies, under the stewardship of seasoned adepts.

Who stands to gain from enrolling in the Hermetic Academy?2024-04-17T11:54:51+02:00

Those ardently pursuing profound spiritual development, a deeper comprehension of Hermetic and esoteric wisdom, and a commitment to personal evolution are well-suited for the Academy’s offerings.

Are there any prerequisites for enrollment in the Hermetic Academy?2024-04-17T11:55:40+02:00

No explicit prerequisites are mandated; nevertheless, a heartfelt zeal for spiritual advancement and a dedication to the spiritual voyage are essential.

What kind of commitment is necessitated?2024-04-17T11:56:07+02:00

Engagement with the Academy demands a dedication of time for daily spiritual exercises and scholarly pursuits, alongside a monetary investment in extensive educational resources and seminar access.

Is it possible to sample the courses prior to subscription?2024-04-17T11:56:37+02:00

Indeed, the Hermetic Academy generally provides a trial phase or preliminary content, permitting prospective learners to familiarize themselves with the pedagogical approach and curriculum framework before making a full commitment.

Why do I have to apply for the 14-day trial of the Hermetic Academy?2024-05-05T12:03:31+02:00

The Hermetic Academy preserves the most powerful techniques for spiritual evolution.
Unlike useless techniques that require no commitment, we have an application procedure.

Does the Hermetic Academy offer a 14 day free trial?2024-05-22T14:41:10+02:00

If your application is accepted, you will receive an email with a link to register and you will be able to study for free for 14 days.

The Hermetic Academy captivates with a comprehensive and coherent description of the world.

I like the clarity and directness of the Hermetic Academy. It is a signpost in this still foggy and arbitrary age and helps to recognize structures in the world and in life. The Hermetic Academy captivates with a comprehensive and coherent description of the world, society and man and his relationships to higher levels, which I could not find anywhere else. The path constantly leads to confrontation with one’s own circumstances, which is the true practice of this path.

students-ASAndreas S.

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