Elias Rubenstein - Alchemy: Secrets of Consciousness Transformation

Alchemy: Secrets of Consciousness Transformation

Elias Rubenstein

This non-fiction book by Elias Rubenstein is one of the most important modern standard works on alchemy. It deals with aspects of the timeless wisdom preserved in the authentic mystery schools of the Western mystery tradition.

Alchemy describes in a symbolic language the mental and physical changes on the spiritual path. These cannot be described in any worldly language. It shows where man comes from, what mechanisms are behind the material appearance and what laws they are subject to. Alchemical work is a search for knowledge and truth that involves both mind and body. True alchemical transformation takes place on several levels, both spiritual and material.

References to numerous historical writings on alchemy.

Contents: 3 Principles, 4 Elements, 7 Metals, 12 Steps, The Great Work, Lead to Gold, Plant Stone, Tinctures, Meditation, Rituals, The Science of Fire.


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