Elias Rubenstein - AI and Self-Discovery: Risks and Opportunities

AI and Self-Discovery: Risks and Opportunities

Elias Rubenstein

Humanity continues to push the boundaries of what technology and artificial intelligence (AI) can do. It is important to consider the spiritual implications of these advances. “AI and Self-Discovery: Risks and Opportunities” addresses the complex and multifaceted relationship between AI and spirituality, exploring both the potential dangers and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. From a spiritual perspective, the ongoing development of AI raises important questions: What is the nature of consciousness and what role does technology play in shaping our understanding of the world? On the one hand, the ability to create machines that can process large amounts of data raises important ethical and moral dilemmas. On the other hand, the potential of AI to enhance human capabilities and improve our understanding of the world and the way information is processed could lead to new spiritual insights and a deeper understanding of the human experience.

The following topics will be addressed: Artificial Intelligence, societal changes, changes in key industries, spiritual paths and the use of AI, consciousness, humanisation, cryptocurrency, social scoring, sharing model, fake news & propaganda.

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