Prayers are like conversations, but they are beyond the material and are a bridge between the heavens and the earth. Prayers are not testimonies of lies, but should reflect the deepest truth and knowledge in words.

A prayer is a communion, a dialogue between God and man. Man tries to establish contact with a higher authority through it and to share his requests, worries and needs with this higher power. There are many forms of prayer: worship, adoration of God, praise, requests, Thanksgiving, prayer in the morning, at the table, in the evening, lamentation, etc. It seeks a higher connection. Truthful prayer, i.e. inner orientation, should create communion with the superior and establish a connection. This connection is enormous.

“What you ask in my name, I will do so that through the Son the glory of the Father may be seen. So what you ask in my name, I will do”. (John 14:14)

It can be both verbal and non-verbal. The focus is on devotion to a superior power. Each community has pre-formulated texts that are spoken on specific occasions and events. However, prayer is not bound to pre-defined words, prayer postures, or specific spaces. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus criticized public prayer as hypocritical.

“As you pray, feel the words of your heart pouring into the omniscient ear and the omniscient heart of God.” (Elias Rubenstein)

It gives us strength and confidence. Pausing during the day with prayer becomes a small and powerful island in the midst of daily life, work and commitments. With prayer we come into contact with the power and spirit of the Creator. In this way our “batteries” are refilled. We will be carried by the conscious experience of a global community of humanity. In the courses of the Hermetic Academy, the power of prayers of the hermetic tradition and how they can support the connection to the Creator, will be explained.

Prayer Hermetic