The seven ancient planets in the esoteric-hermetic secret doctrine, known in exoteric science, describe only seven celestial bodies observable in the night sky, apparently orbiting mechanically on defined orbits in the material Galilean universe. (Hermetic astrology) In contrast, the seven ancient planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are far more than that in the secret doctrine.

Hermetic astrology – The seven ancient planets are both outer (macrocosmic) and inner (microcosmic) energy centres and are therefore also called the seven sacred inner stars of man. In a sense, they also correspond to the seven inner energy centres, i.e. the chakras of the Eastern wisdom teachings.

These seven ancient planets specifically relate to man, as they are inner energy centers. These seven forces work in man and through man. The true functioning of these planetary forces is a great mystery. The planets have specific influences. These influences correspond to the special oscillation (vibration) and nature of the planets. In esoteric astrology, each of these seven ancient planets is thus expressed in man through its specific qualities and special energetic signature.

The sun, for example, corresponds to our individuum and thus expresses our sense of individuality, our inner radiating self. It symbolizes the life force and source of vitality as well as the power of the self.

The moon centre, i.e. that inner star “moon”, represents our subconscious patterns of habits and reactions, i.e. the automatic subconscious programs that also control our breathing and heartbeat. Furthermore the moon has also a relation to our drive nature with its basic needs and survival instincts. The moon still represents the maternal qualities of women and the subconscious, the memory and the lessons (karma) brought from past lives.

Our inner Mars is the planet of physical action and governs all the driving forces of the organism and willpower. Thus it expresses the principles of physical energy and power as well as the will. This is the initiative to act. Driving and muscular activities are other aspects besides sexuality. Our Mars centre expresses the archetype of judge, but also of warrior. According to this, fighting, self-defence, self-assertion but also aggression and anger are assigned to the planet Mars.

The inner star Mercury expresses the conscious mind – logical and rational. It demonstrates how we communicate and think, process information, solve problems, and is also the archetype of the messenger (mediator between spirit and matter). Thus Mercury refers to our mental and intellectual activities. This planet also illustrates our self-awareness.

Jupiter is the ancient planet of cosmic laws and their effect on the human personality. It represents the cosmic memory and – in contrast to the moon – it is related not to the individual but to the cosmic memory, i.e. the Akashic Chronicle. Jupiter is expansive and bringing fortune. Therefore, wealth, prosperity, optimism, trust in life, growth, success, chances and favourable opportunities as well as generosity are typical Jupiter qualities. Religion and intuition and the principle of grace, which is a majestic attribute, are also associated with Jupiter.

The ancient planet Venus illustrates our feelings and desires. This inner planet is also related to the creative imagination and the creative imagination. Venus is also called the planet of love and is the archetype of the love gods. Our Venus centre thus expresses itself in romance, relationship patterns and personal love – also how we attract intimacy, how we define beauty, what is pleasant to us and how we express taste is influenced by Venus. Self-acceptance, self-esteem and self-love are other typical Venusian virtues.

Finally, Saturn is the planet of condensation and concentration. Saturn’s power limits, restricts and concentrates – in short: Saturn disciplines us. Saturn is related to the outer form of things and provides strength to forms. Saturn illustrates the principle of form, definition and concretization. Hard work, effort, obligations and rules and stability are commonly associated with Saturn. Suffering, sorrow and karma are also linked to Saturn, which has falsely given it the reputation of a bringer of bad luck.

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