The development of personality is one of the essential components of mystery training system (Self-development). Various methods are used for this, both in the popular esoteric world as well as in authentic mystery schools. Some methods only produce few desired results, others allow us more freedom, love, benevolence etc.


If you bring forth what is within you,
what’s inside of you,
will be your salvation.
If you don’t bring forth what is within you,
that which is within you will destroy you.
(Gnostic Gospels von Elaine Pagels)

There are a lot of different methods and possibilities for unfolding one’s personality. At the colorful Esoteric Fair you will find numerous offers such as books, seminars, hypnosis treatments, NLP trainings, channeling, aura reading and much more. Today’s modern man enjoys the Internet’s manifold possibilities to develop himself and his personality (self-development).

Experience has shown, however, through these often cost-intensive methods, which are taught in books or in courses, significant changes in personality occur rarely. It appears to be rather an accumulation of theoretical illusory knowledge, which occupies the curious mind for quite some time – however, by mere consumption of information real changes of the essence are missing. This begs the question what a seeker can really do to get rid of negative behaviors that often cause a lot of suffering in our existence.

Man is like an instrument through which the true essence – the higher soul – expresses itself. The more receptive to this higher existence, the more harmonious this instrument can resonate.

The Western mystery tradition offers a path that has become salutary for many people. Through the hermetic training of the Hermetic Academy, we are given the grace to gradually dissolve or harmonize parts of our personality such as subconscious negative behavior patterns, destructive thoughts, stubborn desires but also destructive emotions, step by step, so that a more appropriate vessel is formed in which the higher aspect of our individual can be embodied.

Suffering elements, which we may already bear with us through many incarnations, will be gradually removed. Through these processes, energies are being released that allow us to integrate positive patterns of behavior that benefit the general public. Through study, meditation and ritual, destructive forces such as fear of existence, fear of death, envy, greed, jealousy etc. can be transformed into lightful aspects such as joy, love, fulfilment, peace and freedom.

In this way, you will reach your full potential and gain the devotion to your inner self

The development of personality is the evolution of a human being in a positive direction, which is usually due to a change in life circumstances, way of thinking or mindset. This individual growth is usually associated with a broadening of horizons, which can take place in several ways.

You can grow and develop individually, if you become more independent through personality development, overcome problems or get to know yourself better. The goal of personal development is self-realization, which is achieved by realizing your own wishes and goals. Spirituality offers you a possible way to realize this goal. Turning to your own spiritual aspects will bring you an awareness of your inner self, which will lead you to put aside your own burdensome patterns of thought. Through the emancipation from the unknown you will learn to know yourself better and thus come closer to self-realisation. For this purpose, the teachings of the Hermetic Academy provide you with the necessary tools to develop your personality.