In a mystery school, like the Hermetic Academy, it is not about the acquisition of theories as in a university or profane education, but about the connection with the wisdom tradition.

A mystery school is like a vessel in which the divine light flows in. Through training in a mystery school we are connected with this spiritual light. Depending on the maturity of our soul, our individual vessel is able to receive more or less of this light.

We receive instructions that include practical guidance that helps us to master our life, to get answers to existential questions, to better understand our situation and our mission. It may even be that we are already familiar with some of the statements we learn in an instruction from the Hermetic Academy. But it is not about this information. The theories in the lessons serve merely as a vehicle to connect us with the light of the Mystery School – and thus pave the way to enlightenment. The words are a channel to connect us.

Every statement we experience in the Hermetic Academy and every exercise we practice helps us to build up this inner connection to the Higher. It would be completely pointless to skip or omit some lessons, because it is not only about the information contained. Our character is being refined in the meantime, so that we are ready to receive “higher” teachings of the mystery tradition.

Consistency is key

Skipping some lessons and exercises would be like watching a movie and then fast-forwarding to the end shortly after the introduction and watching only the end sequence. In this way, we would not only miss the whole experience, the emotions, the story, the mystery, the context, etc., but we would also be missing the whole experience. We would miss what makes a film. The student who only wants to study any advanced lessons quickly, lacks the real wisdom at the beginning. Such students may know many theories etc., but not the real mechanism of how real spiritual transformation works. Already the refinement of character requires several years of training in the mystery school. We need this refinement so that we can safely apply the advanced contents of the Mystery Tradition, otherwise we will hurt ourselves and others with these tools and only create chaos.


Every person who knocks at the gates of a Mystery School has had some experience in advance. This can be seminars, books or other training. But this preparation was necessary for us to be ready to find the gates of an authentic Mystery School. There are many trials and temptations on this path. But as long as we show the most important virtue, namely “perseverance”, we can, despite all initial difficulties, walk the path to the summit of enlightenment.

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