The term magic has its origins in the Persian language. In Greek we also find a related meaning, which means “philosophy” and “to love wisdom”. If we follow the true origin of the word, magicians are therefore the wise men and philosophers.

Magic – We already find the image of magicians in the Bible, where we meet the three wise men from the Orient, the three magicians or the Three Wise Men. So magic has always been an art that was reserved for the wise.

A magician is much more than a sorcerer, for he has realized his true nature, his oneness with the entire being. He lives in the wholeness and is the whole. The true magician has achieved complete union with the Divine and has sacrificed his ego, an essential condition for the power of real magic to be truly attained.

This power of magic is always within the order of cosmic laws. The magician thus serves the primal will for good and is a fully aware representative of the benevolent forces of the universe. The magician exclusively serves the ONE Source. And so his maxim is also: “Not my will, but thy will be done”. From this insight, the magician adheres to the universal laws, knowing their cause and effect and working consciously in harmony with these forces, in a constructive and integrative way. In doing so, he focuses on the welfare of all mankind and pursues the unity and brotherhood of humanity as his goal.

In the Great Plan of Salvation, he thus supports the evolutionary and integrational processes of the universe and works in the Great Work to restore man to his original spiritual abilities. His magical authority is an internal authority. The magician does not reveal his powers and he will not entertain or enchant the ignorant crowd with so-called miracles.

Unlike the sorcerer, he also does not lust for a result. Rather, he performs magical actions according to the ONE will and is free of any fixation on results. Thus it is irrelevant to the magician whether a result of his magical action will be manifested within one day or in thousands of years.

The magician could be described as a co-worker of the divine life force, and his or her work initially consists essentially of bringing his or her personal thoughts, feelings, words and deeds into harmony with the basic principles of cosmic activity. Through this he masters his personality and becomes a vehicle and channel of divinity.

The magician is standing here on the earth and his head is in heaven. Like a channel he links the above and below with each other, similar to Hermes (Mercury), the god of magic. The magician embodies the spirit and thereby spiritualizes or redeems matter. The Hermetic Academy preserves and teaches these keys.

In doing so, the magician is aware of the transience of all forms and has freed himself from the attachment to forms and results. For he knows that it is precisely the desire to attach oneself to forms which is responsible for so much human suffering. He also is aware of the mysterious circulating magical power and the high art of adaptation. He knows the secret of the magical operations of SOLVE et COAGULA, which ultimately enables him to lift every situation, however abnormal it may seem, out of the shadows into the light and thus release the forces bound up in ugly forms and then bind them again in more beautiful, harmonious forms.

On the one hand, the magician is working with forces beyond the level of human self-consciousness and thus becoming a conscious channel for these higher superhuman forces. On the other hand, the true magician also operates with forces that are below the human level and performs miracles of liberation by bringing even misguided forces back under divine guidance.

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