The quest of finding the meaning of life is a topic that has filled books and has been of great relevance since the beginning of the history of mankind. Finding meaning is of particular interest to today’s generation and extends to various areas of life such as work, partnership, family, etc.

Meaning of life – Finding it can be important for people in different areas. The individual searches for a meaning and for fulfillment, e.g. in profession, in partnership, in family, in spirituality, etc.

In the quest of purpose, people can deal with a variety of questions, such as

What is important for me?
Where and how can I participate?
Which activity fulfils me?
Which values are important for me?
What is the higher meaning?
What is the meaning of my life?
What is the meaning behind everything?
What sustains me in difficult times?
Where do I come from?
Where do I have to go?
What are desirable goals for me?
How do I support others?
How do I make my life effective?
What will support my further development?
How can I access the superior?
How do I give more meaning to my life?

As long as a person has a task that fulfills him, i.e. has a goal that motivates him or has other people to whom he feels strongly connected, he may often feel a meaning in his life. Through the sense in life people feel more satisfied, happier and fulfilled. This in turn has a positive influence on physical and mental health and leads to a longer life.

If desirable goals are aspired, fulfilling a person, it will have a positive effect on the overall well-being, thus the person feels more powerful and energetic and can achieve more. Spirituality, meditation and the connection to the superior might be a great support for this. Thus it is possible to master life crises and to survive difficult phases of life. It can be helpful to look at the meaning of life:

Where did I stand before?
Where do I stand now?
Where would I like to go?
What was and is important to me?
What was and is the path of development so far?
What else I would like to achieve?
What do I have to do to achieve my goals?
What helps to achieve these goals?

The quest often leads to the gates of a mystery school like the Hermetic Academy. This is where you have the opportunity, through your studies, in theory and practice, to approach a variety of spiritual topics, to cultivate your personality, to refine it, to gain insight into what is superior and thus to bring meaning to life.

Understanding your personal goal in life

The meaning of life has always preoccupied mankind, but the search for an answer is extremely difficult. The meaning of life should explain your existence and give your life a deeper meaning. The question about the meaning of life illuminates our origins, our task on earth and our purpose of existence.

It is a fact that man is guided by it, which is also evident in the thirst for knowledge of mankind. However, the lack of a concrete meaning in your life leads you to feel that your life is wasted, which is why many people undergo life crises. The consequences of senselessness can be mental or physical illnesses that can severely affect life.

In their search for the meaning of life, many people think they can find it in material goods, but this illusion usually lasts only a short time. One possible way to find the meaning is to focus on spirituality. The removal of stressful thought patterns and the devotion to your spiritual inner self leads you closer to yourself. The Hermetic Academy supports you step by step to find the reason of life.

Meaning of life