In a few sentences, we will try to convey the philosophy and approach of Feng Shui. Finally we will explain the difference to the Western spiritual path. Feng Shui (Fengshui) is an ancient Chinese teaching based on the collected knowledge of the elders. The earliest mention of Feng Shui goes back 5,000-6,000 years. It is the basis of all great buildings in China, such as the “Great Wall of China” or the “Forbidden City of Beijing”. In Hong Kong, the “Bank of China” is built according to these principles.

Literally translated Feng Shui means “wind and water”. The eponym expresses that behind everything that surrounds us in the visible and invisible world there is a source of energy. Wind and water are very powerful natural phenomena, which should be used to face up to.

Feng Shui is based on the idea that everything that surrounds man, the entire cosmos, consists of energy. This subtle energy also flows within us. This source of power is called Prana in India, Ki in Japan and Chi in China. Feng Shui assumes that with the knowledge of certain laws, this energy is optimally directed to flow. This is made possible internally by positive thoughts and feelings and externally by the optimal location of the property or by the optimal design of one’ s home. The knowledge of the universal laws of Hermes Trismegistos can also be perceived in Feng Shui. As in the microcosm so in the macrocosm. And so the inner well-being can also be strengthened through the home or the workplace.

The relationships of the Asian five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water are considered together in Feng Shui. We speak of the cycle of creation when the elements promote each other harmoniously and in the cycle of control there is an inhibiting relationship. According to this teaching, the areas of life such as wealth, fame, partnership, family, children, knowledge, career and helpful friends can be positively influenced by the arrangement of furniture and other aids (mirrors, plants, spirals etc.). Order and cleanliness are also essential, so that clear and not clouded Chi can flow.

While Feng Shui aims to harmonize different areas of life on the level of personality with the outer environment of the person, the student in the Hermetic Academy develops through study, meditation and rituals. The esoteric mystery school leads to the inner transformation of the human being. Negative manifestations of the personality, such as envy, greed, hate, jealousy, etc. are dissolved and replaced by desirable virtues. Together with the transformation of the student, the environment and finally the fate of the student also reacts.

The striving spiritual student tries to get selfishness under control and serve the common welfare. Through the Hermetic Academy, the student learns a deeper view of reality. Through self-reflection and working with symbols, the student can recognize why his or her external situation is as it is. Accordingly, he can recognize that problems are first solved internally so that something can change externally. Through the connection to the higher consciousness, the “hunger for love in the heart” is satisfied and true fulfillment can be experienced. The spiritual student yearns for unity with the Creator instead of superficial materialistic harmony.